Anti Skid flooring

We make anti-skid flooring used in walkways, railway coaches, Industries etc.


Electronic Enclosures

We make perforated doors in various patterns that are unique, and built to exact specifications and flatness.

Noise Control

We make perforated panels used in silencers and acoustic enclosures to control unwanted sound in public, professional, and technological spaces.

Cable Management

DMSPL manufactures Cable Trays for cable management solutions. Cable Trays can be manufactured in GI & stainless steel.

Decorative Patterns

We supply perforated metal to make covers, guards, sun-screens, door, wall, and ceiling panels that are beautiful as well as functional.


our perforated screens are used for filter elements in many variants.

Agricultural Equipment

Our products can be found in grain dryers, hammer mill screens, construction equipment, baskets, filters, guards and more.


We provide components for many automotive products, including grilles and guards.


At DMS, we specially dedicate our time and services to architects and designers who seek solutions in use of perforated sheet metal for building facades, interiors, sun-shades etc.