In Comparison with the conveying system using synthetic belts, rubber belts, woven-wire mesh, etc. Apron conveyors manufactured by Diamond Metal Screens have following advantages:

  • Pre-assembly at factory in sets of 5 to 10 or even more depending on the pitch of chain, thus providing value addition in terms of time required for installation.(An apron conveyor on a 12 feet wide and 200 feet long dryer has been successfully installed in 96 hours time.)
  • No damages to drying material.
  • High-pressure water wash or chemical wash can be given.
  • Conveyor surfaces can be treated with special coatings.
  • Energy efficient as power needed to drive is less.
  • Delivers a consistent and uniform quality product.
  • Lower maintenance cost. As low as 90% than the other designs.
  • Bad depth is held uniform throughout the conveying process resulting in an accurate and predictable drying rate with highest possible drying efficiency. “NO-GAPS” in between interconnected aprons, a problem which usually occurs in pressed slats which overlaps one another.
  • Withstands heavy impact. High height side-guards ensures bulky material movement without spillage on chain and the machine involved.