Engineering Details

Diamond Metal Screens apron conveyors are a continuous metal belt which are custom perforated to the required open area to suit the products being processed. These perforated plates are in turn interlocked with formed micro-mesh hinges. This is a robust design manufactured for durability in the toughest and most critical industrial application.

Traveling guards are an important attachment when the apron conveyors are used in food processing dryers, where the product being used on the conveyor has small granules. These guards ensure that the material stays on the conveyor at all times, and prevents any spillage during motion. These are generally made of the same material as that of the conveyor plates.

A micro hinge connection between two aprons means minimum gaps and less friction. The small gaps allow conveying very small granule products from 1.5mm to 3mm diameter. Lesser friction means minimum power requirement for the dryer drive system. These micro (piano) hinge arrangements ensure proper gap arrangement between plates, such that the surface continuity is maintained at all times, even at slopes and sprocket area curves.

For more information of the available sizes, open area requirements , do write to us.