Perforated facades provide advantages such as ventilation, reusability and giving the building a modern touch. Sheet metal facades are durable, easy to assemble and replaceable easily. These advantages make the facade system a favourite among architects. Our engineers work closely to generate the best solution for your building, keeping in mind the ease of assembly on site and hassle free maintenance.

Choose from a Variety of Perforation Designs

We can offer a variety of perforation designs, the ones to best suit your building. We can offer :

  • HEX

Designs type of holes

  • LOUVERED holes.

Design excellence

Diamond Metal Screens facade system has been designed carefully to withstand wind loads and environmental forces. The sturdy frame system plays an important role. The frames are manufactured using Galvanised steel, to prevent the material from rusting.

Ease of assembly

The facade frame system has been manufactured and designed in a fashion that allows ease of transport and assembly on site. The frames are assembled and fitted on to the building walls to form the whole facade.

Vaishnavi Splendor, Bangalore.

Agora Mall, Ahmedabad.