Apron Conveyor Belts

Diamond Metal Screens Pvt. Ltd. undertakes all types of high precision and high quality perforation in various shapes like round, oblong, square, or dimpled in a variety of patterns on a variety of material including plain steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Perforated sheets custom manufactured by us are used for a variety of high end mission, like critical conveyor and transfer applications in industries like tobacco processing & food products manufacturing.

After putting in years of experience, in-house research & development and other assimilating technology that is available internationally, we have perfected our state-of-the-art apron conveyors.

These apron conveyors provide an ideal and cost effective solution for applications like conveying and transferring a wide range of materials like tobacco, desiccated coconut, fine chemicals etc. through critical processing conditions, such as high temperature steam, dry air, chemical acids, hot oils, etc. These aprons provide proper open area for exposure towards desired processes.

Apron conveyors are available in various sizes and are successfully installed in a 2 feet  or a 14 feet dryer. They can be used either for a dryer where gentle uniform drying ( with precise humidity control ) is required or for movement of heavyweight abrasive type material, moving at rate of 30 to 50 tones per shift.

Diamond Metal Screens can manufacture these apron conveyors either in plain, perforated or embossed type, in mild steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Various types of surface coating can be given to these  conveyor belts.