Value Added Services

We offer a variety of value added services to your product, as per your requirements. This facilitates you to save time and costs of outsourcing these activities to a third party company.


For some applications a high level of the flatness of the sheet or the coil is required


Anodizing is principally used on aluminium and is available in various colours.

Cutting / Shearing

A perforated sheet may be cut to a specific size or shape, meeting the needs of the final application.


Grinding is principally carried out on stainless steel (2B) and aluminium. It can be processed to different finishes.

Notching & Bending

This type of finishing is necessary to obtain areas without material or to prepare the sheet for bending of edges.


De-greasing is possible on all kinds of materials and is above all used when further finishing processes like painting or welding are requested.


This work is necessary to obtain products with a concave or convex shape and requires a special tooling. This process can further more give the sheet more resistance and extra rigidity.

Electro Polishing

This process is necessary to achieve a shiny effect of the treated surface and is generally carried out on stainless steel.


This process is used to give the sheet a cylindrical form.

Hot dip galvanizing

This kind of finishing is used extensively to obtain good protection against atmospheric agents and therefore against oxidation.


Welding joins two or more parts of different products. It can be carried out in different ways.

Protection film application

The application of protective film may be necessary to protect the material from scratches, spots or marks during perforation or transportation.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment is principally needed for two reasons : to protect or to decorate the final product. A very wide range of possibilities is available according to the type of material.


This process is very useful to reduce sharp edges on perforated sheets. This is necessary for particular applications where burr may compromise the correct function or look of the final product.


Lots of different bright or opaque colours are available. There are options for items to be in contact with atmospheric agents and others for items to be used only in sheltered areas.